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Bloom Lid 3

Bloom Lid 3


Tired of your mason jar arrangements looking a little… limp? Introducing the Ball Jar Bloom Lid, the key to unleashing your inner flower whisperer!

This ingenious little gadget screws on snugly to your mason jar, transforming it from a humble storage container to a floral haven.

No more droopy daisies or lopsided lilies! It's not only fun and functional, it keeps your stems perfectly supported and stylishly arranged.

Get ready to transform your mason jars into blooming beauties!

Each lid comes with a mason jar.



    Your order is carefully wrapped using recycled packing materials, ensuring a safe and sustainable journey to your doorstep.  


    Every piece is handcrafted with love, making them truly unique! Due to this, I currently don't accept returns. However, I understand accidents happen during shipping.

    If your pottery arrives broken, don't worry! Just contact me with a picture of the damage via email. I'll be happy to offer you a full refund or a shop credit for the full amount, so you can pick out another piece you love.

    Here's hoping you cherish your new piece as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

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